[Sticky] Compiling JAERO and libAEROAMBE  


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14/12/2018 5:49 pm  

I currently have 3 articles on this topic on the main blog as well as accompanying videos.
I would recommend issues be posted on the given article however I'm happy to help with issues posted in this thread as well.

For reference those articles/videos are:

Part 1 - Setting up Your Build Environment

Part 2: Compiling JAERO and its Dependencies

Part 3: Compiling libAEROAMBE and mbelib

You can if you wish skip part 2 if you are looking to simply add libAEROAMBE to an existing pre-compiled binary of JAERO.

If you are looking for a x32 bit build of JAERO with C-Channel support you can find my releases here: GitHub - X32 Releases of JAERO

However it's always in your best interest to compile everything from source if you can. I've given you the tools and I'm here to help if you are ready to give it a shot.


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