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Hi - thanks for the live stream last night.   I think it could be an interesting stream to just tune around on the bands (commercial, amateur, etc.) and eavesdrop on traffic - sometimes when I'm bored I just do that.   But your edited content is very good, too - I don't think anybody else is doing any dedicated content on the "cheap" sdr's (ie, not Flex, 7300's, and 9700's, etc.).

About me:  US amateur general, active almost exclusively on FM sats, and currently setting up a G5400 based ground station (hope to have that up and  running by the end of the summer).   Currently I use a D710 and D72 for full duplex sat ops, but am planning on using an SDR + Icom 706MKIIG for full duplex linears.    I have three "full time" raspberry pi's running as satellite ground stations (all RX only).   One is a dedicated FoxTelem station (using a FunCube Dongle Pro +), and the other two are SatNogs stations (187 "K3RLD UHF" and 272 "K3RLD VHF).   The FoxTelem station uses an attic mounted 2m 3/4 wave vertical, and the SatNogs stations use an attic mounted parasitic Lindenblad and QFH, respectively (all all homebrew).

My Icom 706MKIIG is currently hooked up to a G5RVjr antenna hung about 30 feet high in my back yard.   Looking forward to more YouTube content!   Thanks!




Posted : 28/04/2019 7:05 pm
Harold Giddings
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Thanks for tuning in to the live stream, and joining the form I'm hoping to get it more active in here.


I haven't seen a lot of channels doing SDR stuff so I'm hoping I can really feel a need for people here.


I like to operate a lot of fm satellites as well although I have not done any linear satellites yet. 

once I have a dedicated place for my antenna setup I want to do some ground stations as well, I've been wanting to do some videos on how to set those up as well as satellite iGates.


Great to have you here, sorry to keep this short but I'm on my phone.

Posted : 28/04/2019 8:28 pm

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