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Welcome to the SignalsEverywhere forum.

Please post your introductions in a similar format as mine. We look forward to meeting you.

Name: Corrosive
Occupation: Radio technician for a local Motorola shop
Hobbies: SDR, Content Creation, Amateur radio, Computer Security, Hardware/Software hacking etc...


Hello guys, 

I'm Corrosive the found of SignalsEverywhere. This site was born out of my original YouTube "PSPHeaven" which has grown over the years. Initially the channel was directly about PSP (playstation portable) modding and had a website of its own. That channel was eventually changed to "DeAuthThis" which for a full season I ran my own IPTV show about general computer/hardware hacking.

After DeAuthThis lost steam I eventually just renamed the channel "Corrosive" and used it a place to post whatever project I happened to be working on. Shortly after this I became obsessed with Radio communications and passed my Extra exam to become a licensed amateur operator.

Around this time the first drivers came out for the RTL-SDR and boy was I amazed at what I saw. I became addicted and before I knew it my channel was pumping out tutorials, videos and projects almost exclusively around radio and SDR.

This led to the decision to give the channel one last rename to "SignalsEverywhere". I built this website and started a Discord for the community and I'm working to put a solid place together where we can thrive and learn from each other.

Thank you for being here and thank you for reading my introduction.
I hope to see you soon.


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