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Please ensure you OWN an RTL-SDR BEFORE you order any programming services. If you do not own one they can be purchased via Amazon (or click here to buy via my affiliate link which helps me out) Please also ensure that you have your talk group list radio, this list can usually be dirivied from RadioReference I can help you find the right list if need be but PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE make sure you’re using a digital system BEFORE you order. If you’re not sure use the contact form below.


Signals Everywhere / Corrosive / Harold Giddings is providing this as a “Radio Scanner Programming Service” The only work being done is potentionally obtaining licensed software for the end-user in their name and creating a scanlist of talk-groups they request.

Any consumer digital radio scanner can already do this however we can use an RTL-SDR and some inexpensive software to do the job for a whole lot less than the traditional radio scanner would cost. To make things easier and make a little money I’m providing DSDPlus Fast Lans (Scanner Programming) services.

-=DSDPlus Affiliation Notice=-

I Harold Giddings hereby swear that I am in no way shape or form affiliated with the DSDPlus software development, team, company or any such individuals responsible for development of said software. I have however, been permitted to pass forward customer name information to place orders on behalf of customers who do not wish to obtain the software themselves directly.

-=Patreon Benefit=-

While I cannot provide this service fully for my patrons I do wish to extend an offer to create a talkgroup list with proper priority levels of up-to 25 talk groups. You can request this in Discord within your Support channel, If you can’t access for find this channel check with Administration in-server.

DSDPlusFL Order