Looking to scan a trunked P25 Phase 1 or Phase 2 radio system?
Don’t want to spend over $600 on a digital radio scanner to pull it off?
Maybe, just looking to pull more information from the system than your scanner can manager?

This course is for you! I’ll take you step by step how to set everything up to scan your local P25 radio system and provide remote support for those having issues with setup.

Students will be eligible for remote support if they struggle throughout the course.

Course Prerequisites are as follows

Course Information

Difficulty: Intermediate


Course Instructor

Harold Giddings Harold Giddings Author

“Hey Guys, I’m Corrosive” I’ve been into radios and scanning in general since I was a young kid playing with a basic 10 channel crystal controlled police scanner. On and off from there I’d use a hand held scanner to find interesting signals although most of the time that’s all it was. Something interesting that I couldn’t do anything with. A few years ago in an IRC server I used to hang out on someone approached me about something called an SDR, it was a DVB-T TV tuner stick whose driver was hacked to allow wide band reception with a water fall display. These were crazy inexpensive although not of the best quality at the time. With several of them in hand I saw an entirely new world of radio, I was able to access radio bands and signals I never could have before and all that with the added benefit for a large waterfall display. I’ve always had an urge to share my knowledge with others, my YouTube channel has bounced around from modifying the PSP (Playstation Portable) to computer security and hacking in general. Today I’m focused on sharing what I know about software defined radio and learning from the very same community in the process.

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