Meteor M N2-2 LRPT Testing

Meteor M N2-2 LRPT Testing

July 5th the Russian Meteor M N2-2 satellite was launched and reports have been flooding in from Amateur Radio Operators and SDR Hobbyists worldwide that a test signal is currently being transmitted. LRTP Signal Seen on Meteor M N2-2 If you'd like to try your hand at...

Satcom Piracy

There are hundreds of communications satellites orbiting around us right now and while they provide vital communications around the globe their are hackers amung them. Pirate radio operators Hi-Jacking transponders for their own personal use. Join us as we take a deep...

Software Defined Radio Illegal?

Software-defined radio is amazing, but is it legal?The laws are old and it's not tested but let's start a discussion and see where SDR falls in the current laws.Sources: *Cellular Blocks: *FCC Interception and...

Don’t Throw out that Old Scanner

Software Defined Radio / SDR has taken the world by storm but that doesn't mean you have to give up on a traditional hardware scanner. S9 Documentation: Loki/Merlin Co-host Twitter:

Guest on Scanner School Podcast

I was a guest on the Scanner School Podcast, check it out for details on how I got started with SDR, some of the things I do with it and where I think the hobby is going.