CB to 6M Ham Radio Conversion

[Hvde over on Hackster.io] has put together an amazingly well done CB radio to 6m conversion that allows him to operate AM USB and LSB within the 6m ham radio band.

The process involved replacing the VCO with one generated using an arduino and even adding a display to the old CB radio.

VCO Board in action

Hvde has done a lot of work and has a well detailed schematic which includes his modifications that made everything work. You’ll find a video of his efforts below gloriously listening into the 6m SSB spectrum.

Meteor M N2-2 LRPT Testing

July 5th the Russian Meteor M N2-2 satellite was launched and reports have been flooding in from Amateur Radio Operators and SDR Hobbyists worldwide that a test signal is currently being transmitted.

LRTP Signal Seen on Meteor M N2-2

If you’d like to try your hand at decoding the test signal a new LRPT decoder was recently published in an article over on the RTL-SDR blog with an updated decoder that happens to be multi-platform.

Satcom Piracy

There are hundreds of communications satellites orbiting around us right now and while they provide vital communications around the globe their are hackers amung them. Pirate radio operators Hi-Jacking transponders for their own personal use. Join us as we take a deep dive with an anonymous informant who give us his story about this amazing satcom underground.

Audio Samples From: https://www.solarix.net/

Software Defined Radio Illegal?

Software-defined radio is amazing, but is it legal?
The laws are old and it’s not tested but let’s start a discussion and see where SDR falls in the current laws.


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