Recently we’ve had the pleasure of being able to add a number of new features to the Discord bot known to the community as “Grant”. This bot handles a number of tasks not currently found in other bots.

I used to write these in Python however, a community member [xX_WhatsTheGeek_Xx] already had a bot framework he built using Node.js called [Oxyde] (which despite my previous distaste for the language I’m learning to love it)

He has taken over bot development on the server and I couldn’t be happier with the results, while I play with Python mostly for my own enjoyment it goes to show how quickly things can be implemented when you have someone who better understands the language working on it.

One of the biggest features of the bot is an APRS message gateway, this is a bi-directional gateway which allows members of the server to send and receive APRS messages from within Discord. However, this bot does allow you to traverse the RF side of the network as well.

Thus I legally take the burden of ensuring proper use of the service who is operating it via my call callsign K8SDR.

There is now a role called “Verified Ham” which is used to stipulate which users are allowed to access this feature (and up-coming RF features)

In order to help ease the process of verifying legal operators you can now send a DM message to our @Grant bot with the word “verify” and an image of your license.

User sending an approval request

The image and user details are then send to a hidden Administration channel were we can quickly approve or deny the request and the bot will automate role allocation and notifying you of the decision.

Verification as seen by Administrators
Role approval notification

If you’d like to play with these features, such as APRS check us out on [Discord]

A member sending a message from the club callsign with my approval