Yes, I know things have been slow as of late. Let’s get right down to it.

Many of you may have noticed a change in the frequency of YouTube uploads, Blog Articles, and even Podcast episodes. Even social media was suffering, my Twitter, Facebook you name it!

So, why is that? Well, that’s a long story but to get right to it maybe it wasn’t all bad and I think it will prove to be a great thing in the long run.

There were some things going on in my personal life and between that, work, family and everything else going on.. Not to mention the four or five projects I had been planning and several videos I owe people that I’m still trying to finish!

So, due to this personal stuff, I missed an episode… after that, I took a break.
I love making videos but I needed to figure things out. There was just too much to do and far to little time.

Currently, I’m in the process of delegating some sections of Signals Everywhere to various community members. This means we have some amazing people helping out, whom you can see on our new “About Us” page.

I’ll be making some more announcements soon but I hope that with others taking on some of the work that I have been doing by myself is actually saving the channel.

With these things somewhat off my mind, it’ll give me more time to work on my video content and connecting with the community rather than maxing myself out trying to do it all.

Thank you all for your time, have a great day!
I can’t wait to see where we go as a community.