Decode DVB-S DATV With SDRAngel

If you’ve ever been interested in decoding the DVB-S signal from the International Space Station or starting your own Digital Amateur Radio Television Station you’re going to need a way to demodulate that signal and turn it back into video.

Sure you could use a free-to-air set top box but those are usually limited in the symbol rate they can receive meaning that you may not be able to use them for many amateur broadcasts which use a narrow signal.

To resolve this issue we turn to SDRAngel within windows (or linux) so that you can watch streams that are 700khz wide or narrower.

Before we get started you’ll want to download a few things:

You’ll want to install SDRAngel by extracting it into any folder you’d like. You’ll then need to extract FFMPEG. In the video I suggested that you install that into C:\ffmpeg if you place it there you can use my automation script above. If you put it somewhere else you’ll need to open the command prompt and set that yourself.

setx /M PATH “C:/ffmpeg;%PATH%”

Simply the the above line in the command prompt replacing “C:/ffmpeg” with the location you installed the files that were inside the bin folder of the ffmpeg zip file.

Open the SDRAngel software and select the finger icon from the left hand side to select your SDR. Then select the drop down and pick out DATV Demodulator and press the Plus button (+).

At this point you can now enter the Symbole rate, FEC and other options that match the transmitting source you are trying to lock.
Also be sure to change the frequency in the upper left to match the frequency of the transmitting source.

Move the pink selector you see on the waterfall image so it fills the signal you are trying to demodulate. You may need to adjust the BW option on the DATV Demodulator window in order to fill this section. If done correctly you’ll see the Pink dots overlay the plot you were given when the software started and should now be able to see the video from the video tab.

I hope you found this helpful, if you need more details be sure to watch the video at the top of this page or hop into the Discord server you can findĀ  under the Social link at the top of the website. In addition if you’d like to help support SignalsEverywhere please consider sponsoring me on Patreon via the “support me” link at the top of the website. Those small monthly donations help give me the time and hardware needed to continue producing content for you guys.