Compiling JAERO and LibAeroAMBE Part 3 – LibAeroAMBE

If you have not yet set up your build environment please watch / follow the tutorial for part 1. Setting up your build environment
If you also wish to compile an x32 version of JAERO (as there are no x32 binaries of JAERO with AMBE support) You’ll also want to watch part 2. Compiling JAERO and it’s Dependencies.

Now that you’re up to speed let’s head over to our development directory inside of MSYS2

cd c:/development/libaeroambe-master

Once here you’ll see two folders, libaeroambe which is compiled with QT Creator and mbelib-master which we have to compile first with cmake in MSYS2

cd into mbelib

cd mbelib-master

Create a new folder called build and cd into it…

mkdir build

cd build

We now need to create our makefiles to compile…

cmake -G “MSYS Makefiles” ../

Now run make and make install


make install

It should look something like this if it completes without error

Alright fantastic!
Now, finally we can compile libaeroambe within QT Creator and get this party started.

Move on over to your libaeroambe folder which should be “C:/development/libaeroambe-master/libaeroambe/”
Once there open up the file, type QT project file.

As we did last time configure the 32 or 64 version you’re working on..

Once you’ve clicked configure you’ll want to change our build type to ‘release’ and build it by click the hammer button.


There you have it! libAeroAMBE has been compiled. Now just move the following libraries to your JAERO release folder.

  • C:\development\libaeroambe-master\libaeroambe\release\aeroambe.dll
  • C:\development\libaeroambe-master\mbelib-master\build\libmbe.dll

In our case the JAERO release folder is “C:\development\JAERO\release\”
It should now look like this…

Alright guys, here we go..
Start up JAERO and you should see it loads without error.


I hope this was helpful, if you’re having any trouble I’m happy to help.
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