Virtual Audio Cables for SDR Decoding

You may be familiar with the process of piping audio from the discriminator on a scanner into a PC sound card in order to decode data channels off the air.
With the advent of cheap SDR hardware we now have an amazing new way to find these signals, however if you want to pipe those signals into decoder software how do you do it?

With a virtual audio cable of course!
There are many different applications to suit this purpose including some free ones.

In this came I’m only focusing on the Windows platform, however you’ll find something similar on just about any modern operating system.
A virtual audio cable application essentially just installs two (or more) audio interfaces that are linked together. In this case you’ll get an Input channel and an Output channel.
One will be installed as a recording device and the audio an output audio devices.

You simply install the software and select the input device on your SDR client of choice and the output device on your decoding application and you’re off to the races!

If you just need one set of virtual cables I’d recommend the following application to get the job done as it’s simple, free and functional.