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If you’re interested in Software Defined Radio and want to learn more about it you’ve come to the right place. Here you’ll find video tutorials, a dedicated podcast and a support forum all here to help you take your SDR game to the next level. 

What is SDR?

Software Defined Radio (SDR) is the next generation of radio communications. It allows you to both transmit and receive (depending on the SDR you get) virtually any frequency or any mode from P25/DMR/DVB-S/ADS-B and more! Allowing you to track aircraft, listen to trunk radio and so much more. All this at a price anyone can afford. SDR reaches into the amateur radio and scanner hobby and takes it by the horns.

Who am I?

My name is Sarah, Amateur Callsign KR0SIV.

I’ve fallen in love with radio communications, especially Software Defined Radio and I’ve always had a deep desire to share my knowledge. This stuff isn’t always easy so when I learn something new I can’t wait to share it in the hopes I can make something easier for the rest of the community.

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Software Defined Radios I Use

Adalm Pluto

This full duplex transmit capable SDR Tunes a range 325Mhz – 3.8 Ghz with software modifications to potentially extend those limites. Great for Amateur Television with software available for DVB-S digital video transmission.


A step up from your average RTL you’ll enjoy 3-10Mhz of bandwidth along with built in tracking filters and bias-t support directly from within the SDR# application. The airspy comes in serveral different flavors.

SDRPlay Duo

The Duo is a unique SDR that has the ability to tune two seperate ranges at 2.5 mhz each or a single range up to 10 mhz wide. With the SDRPlay Uno Software you have features not found in any other package.

RTL-SDR Blog v3

Unlike the cheap RTLs you can find on eBay these are high-quality with great cooling a TCXO and enchanged L band performance for satellite reception at an affordable price. These guys work with just about any software you’ll find.

Lime Mini SDR

The value in the full duplex transmit capable Lime SDR comes in the form of software available. You’ll need linux for most appliactions but enjoy the ability to run OpenBTS and other advanced GNURadio applications.


This Half-duplex (simplex) transmit capable SDR has an insane 10Mhz – 6Ghz tuning range along with software for fast scanning that entire band to quickly find interference and other signals. Most transmit options will require linux.

Posts From The Blog

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July 5th the Russian Meteor M N2-2 satellite was launched and reports have been flooding in from Amateur Radio Operators and SDR Hobbyists worldwide that a test signal is currently being transmitted. LRTP Signal Seen on Meteor M N2-2 If you'd like to try your hand at...

Discord APRS/License Verification

Recently we've had the pleasure of being able to add a number of new features to the Discord bot known to the community as "Grant". This bot handles a number of tasks not currently found in other bots. I used to write these in Python however, a community member...

Ethics in the SDR Community

Software-Defined Radio, SDR and the great responsibility that it comes with.We're currently in a radio renaissance comparable with the days of the blue box or the 56k modem we're in an era where radio has been blown wide open and made available to anyone and everyone...

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